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  • If Mother Nature dirties your windows the day of or the day after your service, call us for a free touch-up! We don’t want you to have to be constantly checking the weather report looking for the *perfect* day to have your windows cleaned, and we want you to enjoy your clean windows after we have washed them.

After all, you have paid for clean windows and we have worked hard to give them to you! This is why we offer a FREE 48-Hour Weather Guarantee on all whole-house jobs. If rain, snow, wind, sleet or hail dirty your windows the day we wash them, or the day after, just give us a call and we will come back to touch-up the outside of any of the affected windows.

So What’s the Catch?

There isn’t one! Our customers are consistently impressed with how long their windows stay clean after we wash them. We take the time to do the little things that leave your windows sparkling for as long as possible. But sometimes Mother Nature comes along with just the right storm to put dirt back onto your clean windows. If that happens please call us within 48-hours of your service and we will send someone back out to touch-up whatever windows were affected.

*Please note that this policy is not valid on partial jobs.* Due to increasing travel costs we are forced to limit this promotion to whole-house jobs only. As long as we complete a full job for you (all of your windows inside, outside and exterior screens), you qualify!

For more information on weather-related policies check out our Weather and Windows page.