Fairness — the way we do business

Fairness in Pricing

We believe in pricing transparency. This means you can check out our page to see exactly how we price our window cleaning service. It also means that when we arrive you will be given a detailed estimate, that includes individual line items for all of the work we complete on your home. The pricing system we use on your home is the same as your neighbor’s, and the same as the people across town.

We always offer if you want to know the exact price we charge for your home before making your decision.

You can also get more information about what we count as “one window” by checking out our page.

Fairness in Scheduling

You are the valued customer, and we are the service provider, so why should you have to be the accommodating one when it comes to your scheduled service time?

We believe in fast service – meaning you shouldn’t have to wait several weeks for your window cleaning, and that you shouldn’t have to wait all day for one person to wash all the windows in your home. We schedule at your convenience, even if that means after you get home from work, and we bring a crew to get your job done fast. We make it our goal to always have your job scheduled within 2-3 weeks of your request for service, even during our busiest times of year. Sometimes this means working long days, and sometimes it means bigger crews, but it’s the level of service that we believe you deserve

Fairness in Caring For Your Home

We believe that your home should be treated like our own homes. No sloppy work conditions. No shoes on your floors. No drips on your sills or walls, and of course no streaks on your windows!

We put this belief to action by:

  • Always wearing protective covers over our shoes in your home.
  • Using protective covers on our ladders to protect your floors and walls
  • Wiping sills after cleaning your windows
  • Cleaning screens outside of the home to keep dust and dirt out of your house
  • Leaving your house cleaner than we found it! There is no reason to pay for a window cleaning if it means your house gets messy.

Fairness in Weather-Related Issues

The weather in Colorado is unpredictable and it has a large impact on the cleanliness of your windows. This is why we offer our residential service plan customers a Free 4-day weather guarantee with every job! We believe that it is only fair for us to consider the impact of weather conditions on your home before and after service. For a complete understanding of our weather policies please check out our weather and windows page.

Fairness in Finished Work Quality

We believe that a job isn’t finished unless the homeowner is satisfied with the quality of work completed. This means that we are pickier than you when it comes to clean windows! It also means asking you, the homeowner, to take a look around the house to make sure you are satisfied before we leave, and quickly and professionally fixing anything we may have missed. You shouldn’t feel guilty being picky… after all, you are paying for this service!

Fairness in Informing

When we are washing your windows we are inspecting a part of your home that you don’t get to inspect every day. If we notice things like broken seals, hard water stains, fogging in between panes, broken pulleys or damaged screens we make a note of it and walk you through the issues before we leave the house. We leave you this information in writing, as well as provide documents on how to address any issues we have found. It is an easy step for us to take to make you aware of the condition of the windows in your home, and it brings to your attention items you might not be aware of otherwise.