In The Community

  • At A New View, we believe that good business is more than a financial transaction; it’s serving our customers, our employees, and our communities. We don’t want to just be your window cleaners, we want to be actively involved in the communities that support us. When we asked ourselves, and our employees, what we can do to support the communities that we serve, we found that we have several options:

We are window cleaners (and darn good ones at that!) so we can do free window cleanings for good causes!

We can give gift certificates to charitable organizations to be auctioned or raffled off as fundraisers!

We can volunteer our time to serve those in need!

We can partner financially with organizations that we believe in!

  • Realities for Children, January 16th 2014

The more we grow, the more opportunities we have to give back. So if things go the way we hope, this page will be the most dynamic, growing page on our website!

Have a charitable cause you think we should know about? Send us an email to to let us know!