What counts as “one window”? Do you really mean per pane?

We like to keep things simple. Our pricing structure is per window to make it easy to understand. Basically, if a window unit has 2 panes of glass or less we define it as “one window”. This means that a sliding window (2 panes) costs the same as a fixed-pane window. A big window costs the same as a small window. In the end our pricing usually averages out to be competitive in the marketplace. On some houses it may be slightly more, on others slightly less. But on every house our quality of work and customer service will ensure your satisfaction! Have a specific question about a window in your house? Check out our window pictures and explanations page Don’t forget, we always offer free estimates

What do you do about weather? Do you have any rain/snow guarantees?

We understand that you want your windows to look good for as long as possible, which is why we offer a FREE 4-Day Weather Guarantee to all of our residential service plan customers. More information about our guarantees can be found by checking out our Weather Guarantees page. For a complete explanation of how we handle weather-related issues please check out our weather page.

Do you work year-round?

Absolutely! The weather in Colorado allows us to be able to work year-round, even in the winter months. We even offer special winter discounts! Washing windows in the cold isn’t as hard as it seems. As long as temperatures are above 15 degrees our work is not changed significantly from service in the spring or summer.

Are you insured?

Yes, we carry a one-million dollar liability insurance plan, and workers compensation insurance meant specifically for window cleaners. We can provide policy numbers for you if needed.

Are you Locally Owned?

Yes, the owners, Dan and Erica Hall, have lived in the Fort Collins/Loveland area all of their lives. For more information about them please visit the About Us page.

What is included in a window washing service?

Each window cleaning job with A New View includes washing the inside and outside of the glass, plus a complimentary wipe down of the track and sill. We also wipe your interior screens clean for free. Other services, such as washing exterior screens, cleaning window wells, cleaning light fixtures or fans are also available. More information can be found on our Services page.

Why is there a Christian fish symbol on some of your marketing?

We believe that we are called to a standard of work that reflects our Christian faith. This means doing what is right and fair, even when no one is around to watch. We are open to discussing our faith with you, and how God has impacted our lives if you are interested, but we are not into pushing religion onto other people.

Can you clean Pella Removable Pane Windows?

Definitely. Pella has two generations of removable pane windows, where the double or triple-pane construction can be disassembled and cleaned in between the panes of glass. The first generation has clips holding the 2nd pane into the window, and the pane completely removes from the window for cleaning. The 2nd generation has 3 slides that hold the 3rd pane in place, and the panes hinge open.

We are familiar with the operations and cleaning procedures for each of these generations of window, and see them on a regular basis. There are additional charges for disassembling, cleaning, and reassembling these windows. The rate is dependent on which generation of window it is, and if the windows have blinds or shades mounted inside of them.

1st Generation (clip locks)

  • Without blinds/shades: $10/pane removed
  • With blinds/shades: $12/pane removed

2st Generation (slide locks)

  • Without blinds/shades: $10/pane opened
  • With blinds/shades: $12/pane opened

On each of these styles of window we will wash the internal part of the window first, and allow it to dry before closing them back up. This prevents fogging in between the panes of glass. If your windows should fog up after we have left, opening them up for a few seconds and fanning the air out should allow the last of the moisture out from in between the panes. Alternatively, you can leave the panes in place and allow a couple of heating/cooling cycles to drive the last of the moisture from between the panes.

Can you clean storm windows?

Absolutely. When we clean storm windows you have two options.

Option 1: disassemble storm windows, clean both sides of storm window and both sides of window. This option is the most thorough cleaning of your storm windows, and will result in the best clean. For this option we add an extra $18 to disassemble, clean, and reassemble the storm window.

Option 2: Do not disassemble storm windows. Clean the outside of the storm windows, and the inside of the standard window. There is not an extra charge for this cleaning, which saves you money, but it will not result in as clean of results. This may be the best option if the windows have been cleaned recently, and are rarely or never opened. The only way for the window to get dirty in between the panes of glass is for one of the windows to be open, allowing moisture and/or dust to enter.

I have some paint (or other construction debris) on my windows. How do you handle this?

Most residential window cleaning jobs that we are doing for the first time have some amount of construction debris on them. Our policy is to take care of this extra debris for you during your first service at no extra cost. We want to establish long-term relationships with our customers, so we are willing to take the extra time during the first service to remove this debris and get your windows looking great.

If your windows are being cleaned for the very first time, and still have stickers and other new-construction debris on them, then our new construction rates apply. We add an extra $6 per window in this scenario, to make sure we have enough time to clean all the paint, adhesives, caulking, drywall, etc. off your windows. The new pricing comes to $15 for ground floor windows, $18 for 2nd story windows, and $12 for glass doors.

I’ve heard you are big on “Fairness”… what does this mean?

It means we believe in treating people the way we want to be treated. It means going above and beyond, even when no one is watching. Check out our fairness page to learn more.