Umbrella showing Weather Guarantee label
Umbrella showing Weather Guarantee label

Weather and Windows

We understand that you want your windows to look as clean as possible for as long as possible, and so do we! The weather in Colorado is beautiful and unpredictable, which can make scheduling a difficult decision regarding your window cleaning.

  • Looking for information on our Weather Guarantees? Learn more by visiting our Weather Guarantee page.

The Facts

1. You want your windows to look great, and so do we!

2. Colorado’s weather is very hard to predict. It seems like the only way to really know what the weather is like is to look out your window! What the forecast says today may not be what the forecast says tomorrow.

3. One rainstorm typically isn’t enough to significantly impact the cleanliness of your windows. Our customers consistently tell us that they are impressed with how long their windows stay clean after we wash them. It may take several storms before you notice a decrease in the quality of your clean windows.

4. Most storms only put precipitation onto the windows on two sides of your house. It is very unusual that every window on your house will get precipitation on it from the same storm.

Our Policies

We offer a FREE 4-Day Weather Guarantee to all of our residential service plan customers! We don’t want you to waste one minute of your time worrying about what the weather is going to do around your scheduled window cleaning. Leave the worry to us! If Mother Nature dirties your windows within 4 days of your service we will come back to touch up the outside of all the affected windows for free.

So now it is up to you. You have the facts, and you understand our policies. Hopefully, you are done worrying about how the weather impacts your windows. Still, want to wait until the extended forecast looks better? It’s your choice, 100%, and we won’t make you feel guilty either way.